Bottiglia e bicchiere di vino

Bottiglia e bicchiere di vino

The Family


Bruno, Giuliano, Michela, Matteo, Marco, we are more generations of a family that have been moved by the emotions of wine landscapes. Together with our co-workers we share the pleasure to know, listen and respect the land in its endless features.
Our family has always been deeply rooted in the Franciacorta territory and Villa Crespia concretizes this passion and bond to our land of origin. In the same way, Rubbia al Colle, the Tuscan estate owned by the family, expresses the love for a territory so different but wonderful as that of the Maremma Suveretana.

Millè Ambassador


Millè Ambassador is a group of professionals of Food and Wine area that have always believed in our Millè. We attentively selected them to become the “Millè tellers” in Italy and all over the world

Family Muratori


In the Italian wine overview, Franciacorta and Suvereto are two dynamic areas for viticulture.
They have very different productive philosophies but each has its own personal one. Italian wines are now recognised at every latitude of the world, but it is the specific personality of each land that make them unique. It is duty of each winemaker to express a personal productive philosophy by understanding his/her own vineyards and communicating the landscape where grow up grapes that will give birth to every wine. Since almost twenty years, we are winemakers with our own vineyards. As Family Muratori, we own two Estates with our own vineyards and two different winemaking wineries that are opened to visitors for guided tour and wine tastings. In Franciacorta, in Adro (Brescia), the Tenuta Villa Crespia is dedicated to the exclusive production of Metodo Franciacorta. In the town of Suvereto (Livorno) is located the Tenuta Rubbia a Colle for the production of red wines from Sangiovese grapes and Bordeaux blends.